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Salient features of Hybrid villas

  • Sustainable architecture.
  • Earth quake resistant, pre-cast RCC technology for foundation and main slabs(suitable for all soil conditions, irrespective of soil strata)
  • Cost effective design and execution.
  • Installation of solar panels of branded companies, ie.photovoltaic modules, charge controller, battery, sine wave inverter, change over boxes, cabling etc, e.g. 1 KW solar generator produces 5 units of KSEB electricity per day, requires only 140 sq.ft solar panel area on roof top@ no recurring COST
  • Installation of 1000 micron thick UV stabilized poly vinyl systems, in open terraces to prevent leakages to main RCC slabs and to collect rainwater, to be charged to underground storage tanks
  • Installation of floating dome type Biogas unit for kitchen waste removal
  • Installation of vertical garden with latest drip irrigation technology in balconies and courtyards
  • Installation of mini green houses for all season vegetables on backyards and in open terraces, yield is assured since no pest attacks
  • Fengshui vaastu arrangements and theme based interiors , reading corner and library shall be provided in knowledge area
  • Modular kitchen and other user friendly built in wardrobes shall be provided in fire element corner of Hybrid villas