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Energy efficient flats and green buildings (Hybrid villas)

Live in the present, fully aware of the environment that surrounds you is- mindful living. Fusion homes proudly presents Hybrid villas, a new generation villas based on energy efficiency and value addition

a) Light weight

Hybrid villas weigh only 30% of the traditional concrete building , without compromising the strength and stability, it is earth quake resistant too…

The load required for the foundation is much lower, the foundation can be done through grillage foundation(pre-stressed concrete grids), these type of foundation is ideal for damp and loose soil conditions, irrespective of the N value of the strata(a standard specification of soil stability) the cost incurred for compaction or cast in situ piling , will eventually reduce the overall project cost.

Comparison statement

Materials Normal type RCC building (Size 3.16 mtr/5.15 mtre room size)

Hybrid villa (Size 3.16 mtr/5.15 mtre room size)


33 kgs/m2   

12.35 kgs/m2


0.05 m3/m2







Labor in Rupees



b) Faster construction period

The construction period of Hybrid villas is approximately 30% less compared to that of traditional building,.ready to assemble pre- stressed concrete beams and shells are used for main slabs and projections,The faster the construction period will definitely quicken the capital flow and improve investment efficiency.

c) Less energy more comfort

Fusion homes follows the parameters of green building concept. We are approved by the Indian Green Building Council(IGBC),the intelligent configuration and the molding of the built form and its surroundings can considerably minimize the level of discomfort inside Hybrid villas and reduce the consumption of energy required to maintain HVAC (heat ventilation and air-conditioning) . We rely on passive cooling techniques through courtyards, wind tower coupled with evaporative cooling to cause further reduction of heat to the interiors, special construction techniques by using porotherm cavity walls, sky garden balconies and roofs. The building envelop acts as a thermal shell in Hybrid villas and further reduce heat island effect.

Comfort living …Hybrid villas < < < Energy < < < Waste < < Heat …Living green

d) Waste to energy

Hybrid villas carry the stamp of quality , that is so well associated with Fusion homes, for over a decade now, we promote and install floating dome type garbage disposal units,grey water recycling units, root zone treatment, hydropnematic water pumps etc

e)Luxury and comfort living in Hybrid villas

Thoughtful designs, meticulous craftsmanship and above all, Hybrid villas are designed with room configurations conform to our own vaastu sastra and the metaphysically proven fengshui, Hybrid villas open up a new world of positive energy, ingrained with properties assuring prosperity and happiness. The moment you are in harmony with the panchabuthas(five elements) of nature ie.water- earth-fire-metal –wood, all your well being ,are greatly improved and your intentions are clear and free from all inhibitions, more and more opportunities and co-incidents will occur in your life , and brings you better relationship, wealth and prosperity. The underlying principle of Hybrid villas is to live in harmony with your environment, so that the law of attraction, surrounds you, work for you…